Skin care Tips and Homemade Scrub Recipes

skin care

With the constant seasonal changes going on, from terrible cold, dry air in the winters to thick, hot steamy humid air in the summers it is very difficult to manage our skin’s health.

If you haven’t gotten on track, here is where you may want to start a good regimen. . Coming out of the fall and entering into a harsh winter, or out of a dry cold harsh winter into a lovely warm spring, anytime is the perfect time to begin you year.

During the spring, when we start to really want to get going to the outdoors more often, the sun is shining and everything is blossoming. Our skin is coming out of the harsh winter weather and it has been fighting the cold wintry air. It is most likely dry due to the air not only outdoor, but also because of the dry heat that we use to heat our homes. We need to exfoliate the dry skin at this time to get rid of excess scaly dead cells and get into moisturizing.

The humidity of summer is good for the suppleness of our skin, although it can bring out the oiliness. The sebaceous glands become overactive during high humidity and the natural oils become excessive. You really need a good skin care plan during this time, with some good products and need to follow faithfully. You will need to use a facial cleanser with salicylic acid. Also use a facial toner (non alcohol) and a lightweight moisturizer.

As always, I will tell you to use a sunscreen, never go without sunscreen, and reapply every 2 hours at least, and if you go in the water. This is EVERY time of the year.

The fall is no different in regards to exfoliation. There will be plenty of dead cells. Keep your skin well hydrated going into the winter to prevent that cycle from beginning again Winter is the very worst for skin. Chilly temperatures, low humidity and the dryness indoors give the worse conditions for your skin. As always, but much more so, consume as much water as you can, and moisturize often. Try to stay away from hot showers, use lukewarm water as the hot water takes away your natural oils.

Scrub Recipes

Why go out and spend a ton of money on “natural skin care products” made by some huge companies when you can do it at home yourself, for a lot less money. Advertisements for new products keep bragging about how they use natural ingredients like coconut oil and honey. Well, those are things that a lot of us actually have in our pantries already.

Here are some of the best natural body scrub recipes for glowing skin without any chemicals.

Coconut Oil Honey Lip Scrub

Here is a Lip Scrub you may want to try. Since I just wrote about lips recently, get these ingredients together and try it! The best part about this one is it organic if that is what you are in to.


  • 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil.
  • 2 teaspoons of brown sugar.

Make sure your coconut oil is on the more solid side, if it isn’t, just put it in the fridge for a bit until you can work with it. Mix the honey and coconut oil together nicely together until it is smooth. Fold in the brown sugar until mixed well. Take some melted coconut oil and drizzle a little into the mixture to soften it.

Place the newly made scrub into a small jar or container of choice. Use the scrub in a small amount in a circular motion on your lips for 2-3 minutes then rinse with a wet, warm, soft cloth. Enjoy.

Lemon Salt Scrub

This comes right out of Betty Crocker’s Kitchen

  • 5 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel
  • ½ cup kosher salt

Mix all together in a container with a tight lid. To use, place approximately 1 tablespoon scrub at a time on skin (avoid eye area). Scrub onto skin in circular motion using washcloth or hands. Leave on 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water, and pat dry with towel.

Nail fungus Remedies – Oregano Oil Pros Cons

Many people often ask me about the effective treatment and also about how to get rid of toe fungus fast naturally at home. Actually, you can do the treatment by natural things such as using baking soda, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and coconut oil. That treatment is also well-known and quite effective in treating toe fungus. And you can also do the various over the counter toe fungus medication and treatment available out there or even you may have heard about toe fungus treatment using hydrogen peroxide.

oregano oil

But,one of the most effective natural toe fungus treatment that also has been tested by many people is using Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with baking soda. And here, i’m gonna show you how to get rid of toe fungus fast naturally at home using the combination of Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda.

But, before that, may I ask, what do you think is more suited for vinegar ? as a cooking ingredients ? or even becomes a drug ?. We know that typically, vinegar was used as a cooking ingredient, for example used for mixture of salad or the other foods. However, did you know that vinegar has many benefits for the body and skin’s health ?

True!, one of the many benefits of it is to prevent cancer and stroke. High antioxidants that contain in vinegar can be used to prevent the growth of cancer cells which is very deadly. The content of the vinegar can also prevent narrowing of the arteries and blood clots that can cause strokes.

Another benefit that is also very popular is to kill bacteria. Yep, that’s right!, it also can kills the bacteria. Apple Cider Vinegar contains high anti-bacterial that can treat some diseases caused by bacteria. And you know what, even the tuberculosis bacteria can be killed because the acid that serves as a non-toxic disinfectant.
You can also use Oregano oil for toenail fungus treatment. Oregano oil for nail fungus Pros and Cons

Because fungi are closely related to the bacteria, many people prove that apple cider vinegar can also be used to combat the toe fungus, especially on toenails which is quite vulnerable infected by fungus.

To practice, please prepare these ingredients in advance :

1. Baking Soda (5 Teaspoon)
Baking soda will be very instrumental in breaking the parasitic fungus growth. So it would be highly advisable to prepare 5 teaspoons baking soda as well. Baking soda will also be very useful to prevent the growth of fungus in the future.

2. One cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
Vinegar is used to kill the fungus. Vinegar contain anti-fungal and anti-bacteria so it will be very effective to eliminate the fungus on the nails, especially if you’ve been infected with nail fungus.

3. Water
It is used to soaking your feet later.

4. Basin
It is for the water container that had been prepared, prepare a basin or pan that quite large enough according to the size of your feet, do not use a basin which is too small, because if it is too small, it will not be fit to soak your feet thoroughly.

If everything is prepared, the next steps is to the way how to do it. Here’s how :

  • Add the apple cider vinegar that you have prepared to the basin that has been filled with water.
  • Soak your toes in a bowl of water for about 15 to 20 minutes.
    If so, lift it, and wait until your feet a little bit dry.
  • Add baking soda to the water.
    After that, soak your foot back in the basin and wait for approximately 15 to 20 minutes or more.
  • Now, the fungus in your toes had been killed, and the fungal growth will be hindered by the baking soda.

So that’s some explanation about the causes, the symptoms and also about how to get rid of toe fungus naturally at home utilizing the great benefits of a apple cider vinegar to clean the toenail fungus. This treatment is not too expensive and also very easy and simple to do. You may have to perform this treatment on several times a week to get the maximum results and also prevent this disease to occurs again in the future.

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